When shit got real with Ten, it got really, really real.

I lurv him.  Him and Nine.

Wait that’s the actual Tamora Pierce that left that comment. O.o

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There have been a lot of butts on my dash today

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What is this from?

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Get to Know Me Meme [7/x] Actresses Julie Andrews

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Pepper and JARVIS had to stage an intervention after Tony saw Pacific Rim.

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And because I read it in a fic again, I’m going to make this post, once again. I know, I’m beginning to sound like a broken record.

If you ever come across someone having a panic attack or one of your friends has a panic attack around you. DO NOT TOUCH THEM WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. If they are unable to give you permission, assume you do not have permission.

Some people respond well to being held while in a panic attack, some people do not. For some, it feels confining, trapping, which is the last thing you want in a panic attack. It can also scare them if they are not expecting to be touched.

Overall, it’s just a bad idea.

Better ways to deal with them:

Talk to them, have them match  your breathing, distract them, ask them if they can or want to talk.

Get them to communicate with you if they can.

I can’t speak for everyone who has panic attacks because each one is different. But I can generally communicate during one of mine what I need or don’t need.

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male celebrities for Emma Watson’s #heforshe

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Wilde is a lot more fun than most modernists. I advise checking out Dorian Grey (or Gray, can’t remember which spelling he used) and The Importance of Being Earnest. Wilde is witty and satirical in ways that are timelessly humorous and relevant.
I’ve seen Earnest performed, but he’s on the list of people my professors are just like ‘oh you’ve probably been over exposed to them.’ And I’m like no, no I havent, but you know who I have been? Dickens!
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But the novels are so much fun! Dickens, Gaskell, Collins, Austen, and who can forget Oscar Wilde? But, I maybe biased. And yes, the Americans can generally suck it.
No. Just no. On all accounts. Dickens continually proves himself to be one of my least favorite authors in existence. I’ve had to read like three or four of his novels and none of them were good. Tale of Two Cities was Tolerable. 
And Austen writes great stories,but I’d rather watch them than read them.
Oscar Wilde is actually on the list of people I have yet to be exposed to…
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Fuck off Kate.

Fuck off. Fuck off. Fuck off.

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I’m basically game for British stuff before 1900. Although, the 1700s are generally less than exciting.
I absolutely hate Victorian Lit except like Tennyson and The Romantics are okay. I like some of the poems, like Rime of the Ancient Mariner, but overall I’d just rather not. But I can do more with British in those eras than I can with American in the same eras. With American, I’d just rather not especially with the realists.
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yuuuup. Most modernist texts are just not in my wheelhouse. I can go up through the fin de siecle, and that’s about it.
Seriously, give me stuff prior to 1600 or post-1980. Anything in between I can leave be for the most part. I have texts here and there that I like in those eras but overall I’d rather just walk away.
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Discovering more and more how much I hate modernism. British and American

Katherine Mansfield while interesting is just not my cup of tea.

Give me texts that range from several hundred to a thousand years old.

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