Hi! So this is embarrassing, but I just remembered this little part of a story that I read SOOO long ago and perhaps you could help? I know it's Klaine but I don't remember who was Dom or sub, but the Dom wanted to know what it felt like to be submissive, so the sub simply laid over the Dom and since it wasn't in their nature, the Dom had kind of a panic attack (like, freaked out and his body went nuts). I want to say it's EF, but I DON'T KNOW, and it's bugging me because I want to read it. :(


Well, it’s not EF or any of mine, and I don’t remember that scene in anything I’ve read. Anybody else able to point this anon in the right direction?

Gah. I remember this.

The fic that’s coming to mind for me is Neaf’s D/s fic from forever ago (which I’m blanking on the name right now).

It’s definitely a D/s universe fic and not just a D/s dynamic.

That’s all I got anon.

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Stiles being an asshole over actual problems that are a huge struggle for people. I like Stiles, but lately I’ve been annoyed with how he’s been written. Poking fun at the kid who’s just been told he has a mental disorder isn’t funny, i don’t see how in any way that would be funny.

Or when Isaac spoke about abuse, which scars you forever by the way. Memories stay with you forever

after ethan says the twins were abused by their old pack:

it doesn’t make any sense to me that stiles would make comments like this.i always thought of him as a caring character. & he’s suffered mental illness recently why would he mock liam?

He’s always been like that, though. Like—okay, maybe you don’t like that aspect of his character and yes, there’s a lot of inconsistent writing, but this isn’t one of those things.

The thing is, the thing that I feel like a lot of people like to kind of ignore when it comes to Stiles, is he’s a little bit of a sociopath and maybe also a little bit of a psychopath. I don’t have a degree in psychology so I can’t really break down the difference between the two, especially since they have a lot of crossover, but I find it incredibly likely that Stiles has a combination of physical dysfunction in his brain and emotional-slash-mental trauma, most likely from his mother’s death and being in the room with her when it happened, that has completely skewed his ability to operate on a healthy, normal social level.

I truly and legitimately believe that Stiles has a fundamental difficulty, if not actual inability, to see other human beings as worthy of his empathy from the moment he meets them. I think he’s a misanthrope at heart, and mostly sees human beings as annoyances. He has to learn to care about each person individually. Not that he can’t or doesn’t care about some people, because he very clearly does, but he also has a pre-established tendency to cling very tightly to the people he does care about, very likely to an unhealthy level. Stiles doesn’t really do casual friends (most people do). He has very close friends or not at all. This is in part because he’s that guy. I hate to say it because he’s the fandom’s darling but Stiles is one hundred percent the guy who would give you creepy vibes if he went to your high school. He’s a publicly suspected criminal (felon? I haven’t looked up whether it’s a felony or not but I presume that kidnapping is a felony) with a restraint order against him, which we obviously saw Jackson didn’t mind mentioning at the drop of a hat. He looks at high glossy photos of graphic murders in the middle of Econ class.

Let me repeat that:

He looks at high glossy photos of graphic murders in the middle of class.

It isn’t that he doesn’t understand that these things violate social mores. He’s too smart for that. It’s that he doesn’t care. He has to learn to care with each new situation and each new individual. He often fakes caring because he knows Scott cares. Go back through the series and look at how many times Stiles does the right thing because Scott directly asked him to. Scott is Stiles’ conscience. I am fairly convinced in most situations, if Stiles has an internal conscience at all he simply doesn’t give a shit about it and stopped listening a long time ago.

He reacts to stress by running his mouth. When he’s in a high-stress situation, the first thing that goes is his give-a-damn about whether or not he’s hurting peoples’ feelings. He says what he thinks needs to be said, or what’s on his mind, and it occurs to him after he’s said it that maybe it was over the line. He even does this to Scott in the first season. The very first season, to his very best friend, one of the few people in the show we have been given reason to believe Stiles does legitimately care about.

Stiles makes these comments because he does not care that he’s hurting people or poking at old scars. He knows they’re effective because he shares those scars. It’s completely hypocritical of him, too, because I guarantee you if the tables were turned and someone was speaking in that way to him he’d take it badly. (Whether I think he’d shut down and collapse into himself or lash out violently depends on a lot of variables).

In short: he’s Sherlock Holmes, he’s not John Watson. He cares about very few people, deeply, and does things because they want him to, and he cares about solving puzzles for the sake of solving puzzles. He’s not an inherently caring character. Stiles has to work to care, and requires people to justify to him their worthiness of his caring, and yes, that’s a terrible thing for him to do.

I agree with this mostly, but I’m not sure I agree with how far this person has taken it. The truth is Stiles is an asshole and a little shit, but I don’t know if that means he’s a sociopath or psychopath. I just think he doesn’t have a bullshit filter, and he’s blunt. Plus, he’s a cynic and I’ll definitely agree with the misanthropic comment.

I have a high compassionate and moral center, and I’ve said shit like Stiles does because I DO NOT believe in sugarcoating things. I very, very rarely sugar coat. I’m much more likely to just not say anything (pick my battles as it were). Sugar coating things creates a society of people who get upset over the stupidest shit because they’ve been lied to about how special they are they’re entire lives. It just makes people hypersensitive; it does not benefit anybody.

I care for people, but my caring comes out in telling them like it is, not building falsities. Thus, I’ll tell you the good with the bad. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to be a bit less blunt (gets you farther in your career. The only reason why). But I’ll still you like it is. Case and point. Yesterday, I flat out told a kid he annoys the crap out of me. I don’t care, and people need to hear that sometimes. However, in high school, I said what I was thinking. Period. If it hurt your feelings oh well.

We have to remember these are teenagers. They’re juniors in high school so 17 at the most. They are not fully mentally developed, nor are their moral centers fully developed. In that, they are going to be vastly more insensitive than adults in the same situations. And it’s worse with teenage boys. Add that to a don’t give a shit personality and it’s magnified even further.

Also, I very much believe Stiles copes with his own mental disabilities (which honestly I again don’t think is as far as this person takes it. He has probably generalized anxiety and panic disorder. As well as the canon confirmed ADHD) by joking about it. As such, I don’t think he realizes that’s not the best course of action for others (remember moral centers aren’t fully developed yet). But that’s the thing, not everyone who has mental disabilities or physical disabilities wants to be treated like their fragile. Stiles certainly doesn’t, and he treats others accordingly.

However, that all being said, it is true that Scott is in many way Stiles consciousness. From the get-go, Stiles has been the “poison friend.” A poison friend is “a character defined both by their obsessive loyalty towards a target character and by their vastly divergent (and comparatively “cynical”) moral code.” ( Stiles constantly acts as Scott’s anti-conscious going for the more direct action (getting rid of the threat rather than trying to talk or nullify it in more pacifist means). He probably is on some level a misanthrope. And he’s definitely a cynic. 

My point is you can be all these things and not be a sociopath or a psychopath. You can also grow out of this when you reach adulthood.

Also, Sherlock is also not a sociopath, he’s mislabeled himself (unreliable narrator). But in the BBC Sherlock series, at least, he’s probably autistic. But that’s another argument and I have a post out there somewhere on that as well.

edit: One of my friends pointed out that I forgot to mention the not having casual friends. There are plenty of people who don’t do casual friends. They’ll do acquaintances (and call them friends because it’s easier), but not form any sort of deep bonds. This could be signs of deep deep introversion (which I think an argument could be made for Stiles) or part of the generalized anxiety (after all, if you’re friends with less people and you care about less people the less chance of you getting hurt if someone dies). So I don’t think that’s necessarily indicative of sociopathy either.

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Has Joss told you anything about the arc of the movie?

Chris Evans, the king of not knowing who the villains in his movies are.


I bet Sebastian Stan walked onto the set of Winter Soldier and he was like “what are you doing here? Bucky’s the Winter Soldier? You’re shitting me? They don’t tell me anything.”

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Dresses are so nice they’re just tubes of fabric you can throw on with very little effort and when you wear one and people are like “oh wow you dressed up you look really nice” but it’s like

ah yes my disguise is working. you think i cared this morning 

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I feel you anon!

I won’t publish as you asked.

But most of what I do say publicly I could expand upon fifty times in private (and I have with a select few friends, who are outside the tumblr brand of crazy)

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For next season what we want olicity’s?


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do you ever notice how like, we have our own language for fanfic that only readers understand?

for example

“36k wip destiel hs au on ao3”

I can’t believe I understood all those words

oh my god

we have to in order to hide what we’re actually reading

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can she just get an award or something

I reblog this whenever it pops up on my dash.

So many directions she could have gone with this joke…out of infinite possibilities…she picked the best possible direction.

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I will never be over this. IMO, there’s no moment (no, not even the proposal) that better expresses how Blaine feels about Kurt.

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